06 June, 2009

likes and dislikes

Hobbies: Hangout with friends
Interest in : WESTLIFE&Reynaldi! Music, Internet, Movie, Hangout, Dance, Braces.
Disgus with : LIZARD! & Unmanner person (eyyyuwh)
Worst class(es): Economics
Best class(es): hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? apa ya? hehehe
Fave sport(s): Swim, and (mmmm) soccer(?)
Fave actor: Robert Pattinson
Fave actress: Kirsten Stewart
Fave male singer: Katy Perry
Fave female singer: Brian Mcknight
Fave Band : Coldplay
Fave Boyband: WESTLIFE
Fave Girlband : Spice girls
Most like to meet: Nicky Byrne
Best movie ever: The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Cinta Silver.
Fave food: Sop Kambing, Rendang, Sushi, Kangkung, Pempek.
Worst food: Pork
McDonalds or Burger King: BK
Fave place to visit: Ireland & New york
Fave perfume, men’s: Bvlgari Black for Men
Fave perfume, women’s: SJP Lovely, Escada Island Kiss, Davidoff Echo
Fave colour: IM A GEEK IN THE PINK!
Fave book: I dont like reading
Fave Group : F4
Fave song:
  • Coffee - Copeland
  • Flying Without Wings - Westlife
  • I Do - Westlife
  • Fix You - Coldplay
  • Finally Found Someone - Bryan Adams & Barbra Streisand
  • Truly - Lionel Richie
First concert: Westlife (1999)

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