17 July, 2010


I feel like i'm not happy anymore. i feel like no one can understand me anymore.

Mom, Dad...
I know you want me to be a good people.
I will prove it to you! I promise, when i'm in college. I won't dissapoint you.

But please, Mom...Dad... don't you realized that all you can do is only sue me?
have you ever think of me? about my feeling? am I happy or am I not?

Yesterday my Mom saw me cry.. what did she do to me?
Nothing! She didn't even care why am I crying?
When I need you Mom and Dad the most, where have you been mom, Dad? to carry me, and not to let me down? Where did you go? You dont care!

what you only care is sue and sue me.

Am I right? think, mom.. dad..

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