29 December, 2009

Happy Birthday dear, Amila :)

8 Desember 2009..

pukul 00.00
KarinaDeo dateng kerumah bawa martabak, trs mereka 4 bulanan.. Trs curhat-curhat deh..

pukul 00.31
Ryan datang ke rumah bawa kueee! Uh its so sweet, he said "Happy birthday dear, im wishing you all the best" and then kissed my forehead.

after school, in tendu...
di cegat gak boleh pulang, dan for the first time of my life, dan sebuah kado yang paling gak pernah gue harapkan dan gue ga suka........... yep, gue di ceplokin! but it was fun tho --"

The Dinner.....
makan-makan pizza & spagethi with my lovely basbin and of course my love, ryan :)
after that we watched Paranormal Activity! We were scared.. (i mean, they were scared.. and of course i wasn't!)

thank you for everyone who involved at my 18th birthday. it's lovely and unforgetable! Love you.


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